Toppr is a chance to change how learners learn using technology. We trust that they are guiding students just a little more in a better way every day.

Toppr approaches better training in the following way:


Toppr follows a freemium-based business pattern. It offers online and lives classes, concepts, and stories on every subject in the syllabus for free. The full potential of this e-learning program can be utilized through a subscription via a paid package.


Toppr caters to the educational needs of students from class 5th to 12th studying in the CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE boards forward with over 10 state boards. They also have learning packages for over 20 entrance exams from the engineering, commerce, and medical fields. They provide packages for multiple scholarship exams as well. Toppr believes circumstances should not create a roadblock in learning and offers scholarships based on the studentโ€™s virtue.

WHAT Fabricates AHEAD?

Toppr intends to use their latest property to develop the artificial intelligence-based Toppr School Operating System. This platform will enable schools to run digitally unifying in-school and after-school learning, to create a standardized and personalized experience.


Inspiration should always be encouraged to evolve. If Topprโ€™s incredible journey inspired you, you can easily create your version of Toppr using Panther for a personalized online consultation marketplace. Panther is our on-demand business solution.

Empowered with the following features, Panther offers:

ยท Real-time audio and video chat with screen sharing.

ยท A catalog manager for admins to add, edit and update details on a single dashboard.

ยท Push Notifications โ€“ Service providers and clients receive instant notifications about bookings through chats and reminders.

ยท Easy payment โ€“ Easy payment through multiple payment gateways.

ยท Advanced Search โ€“ Clients can easily search & select from a wide range of providers.

ยท Quick appointments โ€“ Clients can book appointments according to their and the service providerโ€™s availability.

Build your dream business today with Panther โ€“ an online consultation marketplace builder. Want to learn more about our services? Get in touch with us today!

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