The following types of services are expected to be provided at the YIIPPEE ENTERPRISES Digital Solutions & Seva Kendra

  • G2C Communication – All G2C (Government to Consumer) Communication including Health, Education, Agriculture, Human Resource Development, Employment, Fundamental Rights, Disaster Warnings, RTI, etc.
  • Graphic Design – Logo Design , brochure design , visiting card design, marriage card design,
  • Information dissemination – Interactive kiosks, voice & Local Language Interface, including web browsing
  • Education & Training Services (School, College, Vocational Education, Employment, etc.)
  • Edutainment – Including multi-functional space for group interaction, entertainment, training and empowerment
  • eGovernance & eServices – Transactions like Market (eKrishi) Information, Banking, Insurance, Travel, Post, eForms to request government services, etc.
  • C2G Kiosk – Grievances, complaints, requests and suggestions.
  • Financial Inclusion – Payment for NREGA, etc.
  • Healthcare – Telemedicine, Health Check-ups, Medicines & remote health camps have also been envisaged as part of the our extended functionalities
  • Agriculture Services (Agriculture, Horticulture, Sericulture, Animal Husbandry, Fisheries, Veterinary)
  • Rural Banking & Insurance Services (Micro-credit, Loans, Insurance)
  • Utility Services (Bill Payments, Online bookings)
  • Commercial Services (DTP, Printing, Internet Browsing, Village level BPO).